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Our People

Our People

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    Has rejoined the company after spending four years at Appalachian State University. I am not sure what exactly he did for those years but suffice to say he did graduate in four years with a degree in psychology and business. The business degree should help in our company and from what I understand the psychology part is so that he can put his Daddy on a couch and see what makes him tick. This young man has an outstanding personality which we hope will help with our customers and their needs. After two years in the sales department, Bryan spent a year in the growing department trying to understand how plants grow. Bryan’s latest transition to the Operations Management team is an exciting endeavor for both Bryan and Rockwell Farms. With his abilities we feel that he is destined for great things to help our company to greater heights.

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    He came to us an intern in 2001 from Moldova, which is a very small country in Eastern Europe. He had studied horticulture and has an agriculture/horticulture degree from the agriculture university there. After completing internships in Poland and Holland, he has made his home in our town. Slavic is in charge of over ten acres of production space. He leads our team in fertilizer techniques and plant production procedures. This is such an important area for us because of the many variables that go into making the decisions that affect the plant's health.

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    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Joined us in the spring of 2006 as a production supervisor in our planting department after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After doing such a great job for us, he indicated that he would enjoy trying to use some of his skills in the sales department. After doing a stint as a junior salesperson he took on the added responsibilities in our accounting department. In mid-2010 we moved him to head the sales for our company. This was quite a fortuitous move because he has performed great and is moving us to new levels within the marketplace.

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    Director of Growing Operations

    Is our head grower, she came to Rockwell Farms in 1997 as an exchange student from Bulgaria. Through dedication, intuitive talents and the desire to grow the "great plant," she has risen to the top of her profession. What an asset she is to our company!!

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    Started with us in April 2003 as an intern from Bulgaria where she attained a degree in horticulture/business management. The enthusiasm that she shows for her job is totally unbelievable. At the present time, she is our shipping coordinator and team lead supervisor. She helps lead eight team leads and about forty people. Trying to keep all of these balls in the air is one very difficult job, but Nena is capable and leads with true enthusiasm.

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    Office Manager

    Is our leader in the transportation and trucking department. As anyone who has ever tried to route, fill, find drivers and deliver the product on time will tell you, it is an extremely tough and tedious position. And now since mid-2010 he has taken on the accounting function for the company. Sometimes you can stare into his office and notice a far off look on Michael and I know he is finding a solution to another complex situation.

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    Is the guru of the farm. I think that he would be most happy as a Trappist Monk or sitting on the mountain contemplating the meaning of things. To fulfill this mission of his, he has traveled to China the last three years to see how things are done there. To sit and visit with Mark is always enlightening and fun. He has been with us for over eight years, after leaving the frigid north where he was a grower and garden center manager. For us, at the present time, he handles all of our inventories and product availability. To get this all correct takes a lot of patience and meticulous calculations. Mark ROCKS

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    Began working on our greenhouses over twenty-five years ago when he would help his dad, Bobby, do the electrical and mechanical work on our place. Over the years we have watched Scott grow and mature. When his Dad left to do missionary work in Haiti and Honduras, Scott became our lead and go to guy. He knows more about the workings of the computer and electrical working of our place than anyone else. At times more than he wants to because we are forever calling him and trying to have him figure out and correct the things we have messed up. He always finds the solution. Scott, in his unassuming ways, gets the job done.

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