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Ask a Grower!

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Ask a Grower!


This is your direct connection to our team of our highly trained and experienced professional growers. If you have a question that you do not see in the list below, just click the Ask a Grower icon, enter your question, and your question will be routed to our team for a quick response.

Answers to our most common questions will be listed in our Questions area below.  Don’t forget that you can use the Search feature of this website to find information quickly!

The answer will depend on the size of the pot, but here’s some quick advice on a few common sizes:
  • · A 6” poinsettia requires only 1 cup of water per week to thrive in standard room conditions
  • · A 7” poinsettia requires only 2 cups of water per week to thrive in standard room conditions.
Poinsettias prefer rooms with lots of light, but be sure to keep it away from cold or warm drafts as drastic temperature fluctuations can harm the plant. It is also important to avoid placing the poinsettia directly against a cold window pane, which can result in injury to the bracts. For more specific information, please click Ask the Grower!
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