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What's "Growing" On...

What's "Growing" On... | Rockwell Farms

What's "Growing" On!

Rockwell Farms Gains MPS Certification

Posted on 10/22/2012 in MPS environment

In recent years, discussions regarding carbon footprints and the environmental impact of producing consumer goods have risen dramatically. Rockwell Farms is taking action to monitor and control our environmental impact. We are proud to announce our new membership to MPS, the environmental sustainability program for greenhouse growers.

MPSMPS helps us monitor and reduce our use of water, energy, fertilizers and crop protection agents.  This program has over 4,000 growers in 55 countries around the world.  Upon the completion of our first audit we were awarded a B rating.  It should be noted that we fell short of an A rating by only a few points (Only 2 U.S. growers, in our peer group, have attained an A rating)

For more information about MPS, please visit

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