Top 100 Grower
With 36 acres of environmentally controlled greenhouse space, Rockwell Farms is ranked as the 45th largest grower in the United States.
Our Capacity
Flowers For All Occasions
Whatever the season, our focus is to bring color to the communities we serve.
Our Products
Environmentally Conscious
With the latest technology, sustainability is good for the environment and our business.
Our Sustainability
Family Owned and Operated
Founded in 1979, Rockwell Farms has a proud history in the heart of North Carolina.
Our History
Technology and Innovation
From Harvest Automation robots to conveyor systems, we stay on top of the latest innovations in automation to keep up with an evolving world.
Our Technology

Our Products

Our focus is to provide convenient floral solutions that enhance your everyday life. In the spring and fall we focus on flowering containers and hanging baskets that add instant impact to any outdoor living space. Our porch and patio ready flowering annuals can be found in supermarkets across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

During the Holiday Season, our attention turns to holiday decorations for the interior of your home with over 500,000 poinsettias grown each year. Learn more about our wide array of beautiful offerings by visiting our products page.


With 36 acres of environmentally controlled greenhouse space, Rockwell Farms is able to reliably supply the clients we serve.

We produce over 5.3M Spring Annual URCs, 1M mums and 500K Poinsettias annually.

Family Owned and Operated

Founded in 1979 by Tom Abramowski, Rockwell Farms is a family owned and operated, commercial greenhouse located in the heart of North Carolina. With 36 acres of modern greenhouses, we are recognized by Greenhouse Grower Magazine as a Top 100 Grower in the United States.


Degramec Pot Robot – The Degraplace is a custom made, self-propelled mobile pot robot for planting and picking plants from the ground. Plants are supplied to the machine via conveyor belts.


Conveyor belt systems – The final step to efficiently move product around a large space, the use of conveyor systems allows us to transport between greenhouses in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

Environmental Controls

Automated control systems provide comprehensive controls for managing our growing environment. Our system allows us to monitor and control temperature, light levels, humidity, wind, rain, boiler temperatures, average day time temperatures and water pipe temperatures from the boiler room out into the greenhouse.


Rockwell Farms is proactively monitoring and controlling the environmental impact of our operation. We are a proud member of MPS-ABC, the environmental sustainability program for greenhouse growers. MPS helps us monitor and reduce our use of water, energy, fertilizers and crop protection agents.
Rockwell Farms began participating with MPS-ABC in 2011. Mima Stoeva, Director of Growing Operations, has successfully led efforts to reduce the use of water, energy, fertilizers and crop protection agents. The MPS-ABC Sustainability Scorecard has helped us to measure and identify our improvements.

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